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Stephanie Silvera

Dr. Stephanie Silvera

“I don’t think (the rise in cases) is as dramatic as we saw, say, last year. I think what we’re probably falling back into is that more pre-pandemic wave of the expected number of cases and really following a more typical timeline.”

Professor of Public Health, Stephanie Silvera, addresses the concern of RSV with

Professor Christopher Donoghue

“The top-down way of dealing with bullying across the country, in terms of reporting and consequences is important, but it needs to be informed by what’s actually happening in schools. Because that’s how you can identify not only if you’re being effective in reducing incidents, but if you’re creating a climate of safety and support”

Professor of Sociology, Christopher Donoghue, discusses the complexities of school bullying with

Dr. David Galef

“But as many teachers have observed, when an extra-credit option is available, not all the students are up for it. In fact, to offer extra credit is elitist in a class where some students with jobs or family commitments are doing all they can just to get through the required material. Those who can afford to take the extra time will get the credit; those hard-pressed will not.

Professor of English, David Galef, discusses the pros and cons of extra credit with Inside Higher Ed.

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